BALCONY PLANTS – The New Trend Setters

BALCONY PLANTS – The New Trend Setters

Apartment lifestyle these days does not leave much space for the plants inside one’s home, this is making people edge more and more towards balcony designs or creating green balcony walls. A very simple way to enhance greenery in balconies for beginners is by hanging some plants in there like money plant, ferns, spider plant, etc. For starters, hardy plants are your best buddies as they have a low mortality rate.

Here’s a compiled list of some gorgeous Balcony Plants for you to brighten up your balconies with all shades of green and make it look more alluring –

1. Sansevieria (Snake plant):
Also known as the Mother-in law’s tongue plant, is known for its multiple benefits like absorbing harmful toxins from the atmosphere as well as acting as a stress buster plant. Sansevieria is easy to grow as well as has a low maintenance. A must have plant for all the gardening beginners!

2. Croton:
Leathery textured leaves and colorful foliage that are soothing to one’s eyes is what make the beautiful Croton plant stand out amongst the rest. /p>

3. Bougainvillea:
A beloved addition to the balcony, Bougainvillea plants are a vine-like, thorny shrub that grows rampantly. Beautiful and bright colored flowers of Bougainvillea give an aesthetic appeal to the balcony.

4. Rubber Plant:
Ever since the Victorian era, the mighty rubber tree has been a top favorite. Not only does it remove the harmful toxins from air, but it is also hardy and quite easy to care for!

5. Shcefflera:
Also known as umbrella plant, Schefflera species are wonderful tropical plants. The larger Schefflera features long, shiny, oval green leaves that droop gracefully from a central stalk and all it needs is some bright but indirect sunlight.

6. Hanging money plant:
Money plant is a lustrous hanging basket that sets the mood on any patio or balcony It is tolerant of low light conditions and erratic watering which makes it low-maintenance plant. It’s truly beautiful, and soothes your soul.

7. Song of India:
One of the most appropriate plants for your balconies, Song of India is an air purifying plant with bright foliage.

8. Zamia Palm:
Also known as cardboard palm has annual flesh of fresh green foliage. This hardy palm is low maintenance, which can be kept in shaded area.

9. Jasmine:
Source of an exotic fragrance in warmer climates Jasmine plants may be vines or bushes. But they are evergreen with Beautiful white flowers that bloom and add more to their aesthetic appeal.

10. Hibiscus:
Widely popular for its vibrant as well as beautiful flowers, Hibiscus is sure to steal the breaths of onlookers.

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