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5 Reasons why your Beloved Succulents are Dying

Are your beloved little succulents not keeping well lately? Succulents are small and usually easy to care for plants.  But if you are facing trouble with the succulents, it means

Air Purifying Plants – A Must-Have Trend for Homes and Offices!

Breathing problems, skin problems, headache, allergies and fatigue increasing your everyday troubles? As the city struggles to deal with the currently high pollution levels, the harmful effects of air pollution

Green Deeds-The New Environmental Trends!

‘A real connect with the nature is the stepping stone into nurturing a better planet’. One couldn’t agree more with this statement, as what we sow today will give us

B-Town Heading Towards the Green Route!

Green gifting has spread its roots all across B-Town as our favorite celebrities are now actively adopting Green gifting. The changing dynamics in Bollywood have led way to a whole

Diwali Gifts that Strengthen Relationships with the Roots of Nature

With Diwali comes a festive season that starts grand celebrations! This festive season brings positivity and happiness all around, but it also brings along an increase in the ever rising
Succulents - Camels of the plant world

Succulents – Camels of the plant world

Succulents are not just beautiful plants they are also nearly indestructible.Simply perfect for those who may not have the proverbial ‘green thumb’ or those who don’t have the time needed