Diwali Gifts that Strengthen Relationships with the Roots of Nature

With Diwali comes a festive season that starts grand celebrations! This festive season brings positivity and happiness all around, but it also brings along an increase in the ever rising
Succulents - Camels of the plant world

Succulents – Camels of the plant world

Succulents are not just beautiful plants they are also nearly indestructible.Simply perfect for those who may not have the proverbial ‘green thumb’ or those who don’t have the time needed
Plants For Balcony

BALCONY PLANTS – The New Trend Setters

Apartment lifestyle these days does not leave much space for the plants inside one’s home, this is making people edge more and more towards balcony designs or creating green balcony
moon cactus

Beautiful Moon Cactus

Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes! Cactus, which is often considered as the least physically beautiful plant despite having multiple advantages, has a stunningly beautiful variety – Moon
Succulents blog

Succulents – The New ‘Small’ Gifts

It’s the small things that count! Well we couldn’t agree more to this. A small effort, a small gift, a small thought is actually what matters, and to convey these
Green Wedding favors

Green Wedding Favors

Weddings are special, and Indian Weddings are more than special! The various traditions and ceremonies in Indian weddings give them a bit of the edge above the rest and make