Green Wedding favors

Green Wedding Favors

Weddings are special, and Indian Weddings are more than special! The various traditions and ceremonies in Indian weddings give them a bit of the edge above the rest and make

This Diwali – Gift Greens!

The festival of lights is approaching and it’s time for lightning up the homes cheerfully, time for celebration with their families and friends, time to buy something special for your

Bonsai Plants at Greenish – The creatively crafted miniatures!

Great things come in small packages!! Ever wondered what those miniature trees in different pots are? They are called Bonsai’s; Bonsai are miniature form natural trees grown in containers. It

Herbal Plants at Greenish : Going Natural – The Herbal way!

In the ancient times there were no synthetic drugs like today’s modern day medicines to treat general or even life-threatening diseases. All our ancestors had were plants and all they

Greenish at Chennai

Greenish has a vision of imparting the idea of green gifting into the roots of the society and the corporate world. At Greenish, we strongly believe that gifts are meant

Air Purifying plants – Paramount solution for air pollutants!

Besides PokemonGo there is another thing which is on the rise these days, and that is the level of pollutants in the air. Pollution levels these days are on the