Beautiful Moon Cactus

Beautiful Moon Cactus

Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes! Cactus, which is often considered as the least physically beautiful plant despite having multiple advantages, has a stunningly beautiful variety – Moon Cactus.

Many a times we wonder, as to what special gift we could give to our dear ones that is beautiful as well as long lasting. But we forget these beauties nature has in store for us, just like the Moon Cactus.

Moon Cactus, is a lovely combination of two plants that have been grafted together. Another advantage that this beauty possesses is that when you graft your plant with any root-stock like done in the moon cactus, the growth of plant is faster than the normal plants.

Care Tips Of Moon Cactus

All it takes to care for this gorgeous plants are some simple care tips like –

  • Watering – Water it every 4th day in summers and once a week in winters.
  • Repotting – Once a year reporting can be done.
  • Fertilizing – Only needs to be fertilized when it is actively growing, ideal period is between July to September. Any standard plant fertilizer can be used.

So, the next time you are considering buying something special to gift your dear ones, do give a thought to this nature’s beautiful gift.

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