Succulents – The New ‘Small’ Gifts

Succulents – The New ‘Small’ Gifts

It’s the small things that count! Well we couldn’t agree more to this. A small effort, a small gift, a small thought is actually what matters, and to convey these small yet thoughtful emotions there is always a search going on for the perfect small gifts! To ease out this difficulty, Greenish has a great solution that would definitely curb all your gifting needs Succulents Gifts.

Succulents are water storage plants that are beautifully thickened and fleshy. They are not only drought tolerant but are also extremely easy to care for and their unique shape ensures that they are able to thrive in places that would most likely kill other plants. These stunningly shaped succulents make for a perfect gift and are also easy-peasy to take care of. All you need to do is only water the plants when the soil is completely dry, if the soil has any moisture, do not water them at all and you are good to go!

These beauties also boast of some beautiful and vibrant colors. Most succulents will get more vibrant with more sunlight but some will want diffused sun to offer their best color. Watch your plants and try different light settings to maintain the perfect look! Recently, one of our clients gifted Crassula Campfire, a gorgeous branching succulent, on her daughter’s birthday as return gifts to the little ones! It was a moment of pure joy for us to see the small gifts spreading so much happiness around.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead grab some of these lovely succulents and gift them to your special ones to spread the luck and prosperity that gifting a succulent brings along with it!

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  1. Sanya Ahuja
    Posted by Manisha S. Sirohi Reply

    I am looking for these planters as a return gift for my daughter birthday. please let me know how to see them and place order.

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